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Search Committee starts reviewing pastoral profiles

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May 21, 2017

The Pastoral Search Committee has interviewed two candidates so far and we have two more interviews scheduled. Since we continue to receive profiles, we may find other candidates that we wish to consider. After we have completed our first round of interviews, we will narrow the field to two candidates and follow up with reference checks and second interviews. After that we will schedule neutral pulpit sermons to see the candidates preach in person.

We have already watched and listened to video and audio sermons that all of the current candidates have sent us. When we have completed all this, we will make a decision on which candidate to recommend to the congregation.

The pastoral search committee’s chair, Brian James-Richardson has resigned on the advice of his doctor to take care of continuing medical issues. We have decided to continue work with the remaining six members because we are so far into the process that bringing a new member up to speed would considerably slow things down. Sonjia Short has agreed to become our new chair and Lisa Schoenwetter has taken over Sonjia’s job as secretary. Lisa will also continue to be our chaplain.

We feel that the search is progressing well and will keep you informed of any new developments.

We encourage you to read the profile. As always, feel free to talk to any of the Search Committee members.

You can reach the search committee with this email address – MUCC.Search.Comm@gmail.com

The members of the Search Committee are:
Sonjia Short – chair
John Rosch – communications
Lisa Schoenwetter – chaplain and secretary
Dean Baumgardner
Amy Boutelle
Mary Holtshopple