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The Prison Ministry Project is starting an Odyssey Book Group for inmates inside the walls of Wisconsin prisons. The program is based on the very successful Odyssey Project conducted by the University of Wisconsin.

Offered to adult students challenged by poverty and other life-diminishing circumstances, the program engages students in classical works of literature, philosophy and history that encourage empathy, self-reflection, critical thinking, and social responsibility. The group will be led by Jean Feraca, who is well-qualified to lead these discussions. The UW’s Distinguished Broadcaster Emerita, Jean is—with Emily Auerbach—the co-founder of The Odyssey Project. Since her retirement from Wisconsin Public Radio, Jean has been active in the Restorative Justice programs.

In order that  everyone in the group can have a complete Odyssey Course Book and access to volunteers to lead the discussions, Rev. Jerry Hancock is asking for you to donate $25 to buy a course book for an inmate and to support this effort.You can send a check to The Prison Ministry Project, 1609 University Ave., Madison WI 53726 to make a tax deducible contribution to this important work.