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Special Funds for Outreach

There are a number of special funds we have to extend the work of our congregation to the community. The Giving Locally fund is administered by the Outreach Committee. The Pastors’ Discretionary Fund and Ahrsbrak Family Fund are administered by our pastors. The Endowment Fund makes grants requested by members at the discretion of the trustees.

Giving Locally – Going the Second Mile
Members and friends get four envelopes linked to the seasons of the year – spring, summer, fall and winter. The envelopes are now labeled “Giving Locally – Going the extra mile.” We call this “second-mile” giving, a reference to Jesus’ comment that if someone tells you to walk one mile with them, you should offer to walk a second mile as well. (That’s in Matthew 5:41.)

In recent years, those who contributed through these special envelopes gave somewhere between $2,500 and $3,000 in a year. The Outreach Committee allocates those funds in the following year to local organizations and programs, with the committee setting broad priorities each year for where to target those funds.

Pastors’ Discretionary Fund
Sometimes members and friends of Memorial UCC want to provide a financial gift that will help individuals and families who contact the church seeking emergency assistance. We have created special fund where those gifts can go. Pastor Kris makes the decisions on how to use the money in that fund to supplement the assistance they can provide through the Ahrnsbrak Family Fund.

Family Fund (Ahrnsbrak)
A long-time member of Memorial United Church of Christ, Henry C. Ahrnsbrak, left $77,450 to our congregation to establish a fund to be known as the Ahrsnbrak Family Fund.

The annual income from the fund is used for short-term emergencies to individual persons or families. Mr. Ahrnsbrak wrote: “It is my intention that funds distributed hereunder shall be distributed to individuals or families and not to charitable organizations within the church orother charitable or governmental agencies. Church related charitable organizations or governmental agencies may act on behalf of individuals or families but the actual funds are to be distributed directly to individuals or families.”

In his will, Mr. Ahrnsbrak also gave great latitude to the church to modify the policy under which these funds are distributed.

The Trustees, who are responsible for overseeing the distribution of monies from this fund, gives authority to the pastor to approve fund requests up to and including $250 per individual request for individuals who are not members or friends of Memorial United Church of Christ. Requests in excess of $250 or requests involving members or friends of Memorial United Church of Christ are brought to the Chair of the Trustees, who by a majority polling of the Trustees will approve or reject the request. In the case of members or friends of the church the requester will remain confidential.

For more information about this fund, please contact Pastor Kris.

Endowment Fund
Memorial United Church of Christ has an Endowment Fund that supports both community activities as well as some internal projects. Requests for moneys from our Endowment Fund go to our Trustees and then to our Council. Community groups that are interested in applying for a small grant from our Endowment Fund should contact the chair of our Outreach Committee. That committee will in turn make recommendations to our Trustees.

Our Endowment Fund Policy

If you are interested in contributing to the Endowment Fund, please contact Gary Johnson, the chair of our trustees.

If you are a Memorial member and are interested in applying for a grant for an organization or project, please use a form available in the literature rack at church.