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Christmas gifts for DAIS people

Memorial is gathering Christmas gifts for two single woman and a mom and teen son who are clients of Domestic Abuse Intervention Services. There are sign-up sheets in the niche at church and attached to our weekly email. If you would like one sent to you, please email Pastor Phil.

If you would like to buy some of the items on the list or gift cards for Target, Copps, Wal-Mart or Hy-Vee, please bring them unwrapped to church by Sunday, Dec. 6. There is a large box in the gathering space where the items will be collected.

Here are some notes from DAIS about the program.

Adopt a Family Program: Information for Donors

What is the Adopt a Family Program?

People who have used DAIS services fill out a holiday gift wish list for their family. The wish lists are matched to donors who then purchase the gifts that arc on the wish lists.

Who is eligible for the program?

Adults, children and youth (aged 18 and under) who have used our services within the past calendar year.

Why does this program exist?

The added pressure of the holidays can be extremely stressful for people who are dealing with issues related to domestic violence. A large percentage of our clients are low-income. Some of our clients arc still in the relationship and may be so focused on day-to-day survival that it may be extremely difficult to buy holiday gifts for their children. Other clients may have recently let bu t may have had to leave many possessions behind (or the abuser may have destroyed their possessions) so they are basically starting over from scratch. It’s incredibly rewarding to see the happiness and relief on our clients’ faces when they receive their gifts. It’s also very heartwarming to see how generous the community can be.

Is it anonymous?

Due to our confidentiality policy, DAIS cannot give you any identifying information about the family you are matched with, nor will we give the family any identifying information about you . However, you will receive information about clothing sizes, children’s ages, etc. that will be helpful to you when you are purchasing gifts.

What if I want to buy more than the items that are on the list?

If you have extra funds for the family, a good way to contribute them would be to put the money into a gift card for a discount store. Small items such as gift wrapping supplies, holiday candy, stocking stuffers, etc. arc also appreciated. You could also make a donation to DAIS to help serve all of our clients. Visit    for more information.

Should I wrap the gifts?

We prefer that the gifts are unwrapped, so that we can tell what they are in case things get mixed up during drop offs. Gift wrapping supplies (paper, tape, bows, gift bags, tissue paper) are always appreciated. Volunteers will wrap the adults’ gifts before they are given to the client. The children’s gifts are left unwrapped so that the parents can sec what items they’ve received and wrap the gifts themselves. That way the parent can feel like they are involved in giving the gifts to their children.

Why should the items be new?

Many of our clients rely on thrift stores, food banks, and other services throughout the year. We feel that they deserve to have new items at least one time during the year.

Will I get a thank you from the family?

The families vvill not have your address or any other identifying information to be able to send you a card. Some families will give a card to us and ask us to make sure it gets to the donor. Other families will say thanks when they get their gifts or leave a message on the DAIS voicemail.   Families arc always grateful for the gifts, even if they are unable to send a thank-you card.

Can I include a note or a card for the family?

It is fine to include a note or a card, but please do not provide any identifying information beyond your first name or the name of your business. Also, please keep in mind that not all of our clients have the same religious traditions/beliefs.