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Faith Development for Children


The 2019-2020 Sunday school years has ended. To receive a free book with information and activities the entire family can do over the summer, contact our director of faith development, Rebecca Malke at rebecca@memorialucc.org

Current summer activities:

Online video game party:
Fridays from 6-7:30 pm
Join other Memorial children and youth online for conversation and video game playing. Like Minecraft? We’re building a Minecraft version of Memorial! Is Roblox more your game? We’re trying to survive natural disasters! For links to Zoom and Google Meet as well as how to access these games on a private server, contact Rebecca at rebecca@memorialucc.org. Note: We are continuing to follow safe sanctuary practices. An adult will be supervising each video game activity.

Back to Sunday School Family Activity 
Wednesday, August, 19th at 6 pm
Join us in the church parking lot for some chalk art fun! We have the entire parking lot to decorate with Biblical images, messages of hope, or drawings of just plain silliness. We’ll be physically distanced but still able to be social. So come and bring your chalk and have some fun celebrating the school year. If you don’t have any chalk Memorial has some here.  If you can’t make it that day don’t worry! Because we have such a large space that will take a long time to fill, you can come anytime you’d like to decorate until August 28th. At that time we’ll take pictures, hopefully some drone pictures, of all the artwork.

Outdoor Movie Night
Friday, September 11th at 7:00 pm
Join us in the church parking lot for an outdoor viewing of The Lorax. Celebrate the environment, celebrate the coming of fall, celebrate just being “together”. We’ll be physically distanced in the parking lot so be sure to RSVP to reserve your spot. 

2020-21 Programs for Children

Sunday School
The 2020-21 school year will begin Sunday, September 13th during the 10 a.m. worship service. This will not be in-person but through a variety of ways.

Children’s Message: Each Sunday there is a message for the children given by our director of faith development, Rebecca Malke during the 10 am worship service. That message will contain a mini lesson for children of all ages. Additional materials such as coloring activities, science experiments, baking and games will be emailed to families. 

Video:  On the Sundays where our director will not be giving the children’s message (about two Sundays a month) the children will receive a message from either the pastor or a member of the congregation. Families will then be sent a video of our director giving a mini lesson that they can view on their own time.

Monthly activities: Each month we’ll have physically distanced group events. These could be chalk art in the church parking lot, making social justice signs to be displayed at church, raking leaves for church members, or picking up garbage in a neighborhood.

NOTE: We are still following our safe sanctuary policy so all events will have at least two adults working with the children and youth.


Mission Statement

To create and promote opportunities for religious education, spiritual growth, and intergenerational connections for our members and friends throughout their lifespans.

Our picture policy

We will not identify any children by name in photos on the web site or Facebook. We ask members and friends to notify us on the registration form if they do not want their children pictured on the web site or Facebook at all. Please let the pastor or director of faith development know if you are concerned about this.

Confirmation Trip to DC

Here’s a link to information on our trip in June 2016.