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Faith Development for Children

2021 Programs for Children

The 2021-22 school year began Sunday, September 12th. We will not be meeting in person until January 9th 2022. Until then all families are receiving Sunday school tote bags filled with games, family resources and activities. Bags are designed to fit each particular family so that all activities are age appropriate. Examples: Every bag has a trivia beach ball, list of family movies and discussion guides, activities for pet blessings and the sabbath. They also contain a Jenga type game with a Tower of Babel lesson.

Younger children received Biblical themed card games while older children received sacred art coloring books and painting supplies for a special Bob Ross lesson. 

If you have not yet picked up your bag or you’re new to Memorial UCC and would like a bag, please contact our Director of Faith Development, Rebecca Malke  at rebecca@memorialucc.org for more information.


Summer 2021: Outdoor Bible Garden
From June 13th until August 29th, we created and worked on an outdoor Bible garden. Did you know that there are over 125 plants mentioned in the Bible? We learned about just some of the 128 plants mentioned in the Bible. We heard stories such as the parable of the sower and the parable of the weeds. We learned why the wheat plant was saved during the 10 plaques while the barley plant wasn’t so lucky. We also learned how people in Jesus’s day made bread straight from the barley grain. It’s a lot of work! We even made a phone call to India to talk about the henna tree, how it grows, what it looks like and how to make henna paste. Did you know that henna has medicinal purposes and that in Jesus’ time they used for as medicine as well?


Upcoming events:
November Book Walk:
For the month of November you and your family can take a walk anytime after church or during the week through Memorial’s beautiful 5 acre woods. As you walk along the paths, you’ll see pages from the book, Thanksgiving in the Woods by Phyllis Alsdurf displayed on large boards for you all to read. The story will end at the end of the trail. 

December Book Walk: The story for the month of December will be The Holy Moly Christmas Story from Sparkhouse’s Holy Moly curriculum. MUCC has used the Holy Moly curriculum for 3 years and it has been enjoyed by students and teachers alike.


Past events
Youth Group Outing at Treinen Farm: October 24th at 4 pm. Youth group is for those in 7th – 9th grade.

Outdoor Vacation Bible School: August 9-13th from 9-11:30 am.
This year we’ll be offering the “Best of VBS”. We’ve had some great VBS programs over the years so this year we’re gathering up our favorites in crafts, science and music.  For more information, contact our VBS director, Jann Veloff at jgrizz0014@aol.com.

Outdoor Movie Night: Friday, August 20th at 7:30 p.m.
We’ll be showing a cartoon that we all know and love: Tom & Jerry. A major wedding is about to take place at the Royal Gate Hotel. Will Tom and Jerry be able to put aside their cat and mouse games for a weekend or will their silliness cause a cat-atastrophe? This newly released movie will be shown in the church parking lot and is rated PG so bring your kids, grandkids or just yourself for a night under the stars.


Mission Statement

To create and promote opportunities for religious education, spiritual growth, and intergenerational connections for our members and friends throughout their lifespans.

Our picture policy

We will not identify any children by name in photos on the web site or Facebook. We ask members and friends to notify us on the registration form if they do not want their children pictured on the web site or Facebook at all. Please let the pastor or director of faith development know if you are concerned about this.

Confirmation Trip to DC

Here’s a link to information on our trip in June 2016.