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If you are thinking about getting married, Memorial UCC would be honored to be part of your ceremony. There are a few ways we can help.

Our building – Both members and non-members are welcome to use our sanctuary and related rooms for a wedding ceremony. People who have been members/friends of Memorial UCC for at least the previous 12 months and who have been participating in the life of the congregation at some point in the last five years may use the building for free. For others, we ask for a fee of $400 for use of the sanctuary, youth room for bridal party, Fellowship Hall for groomsmen). Please fill out a building reservation form once you have decided to use our church for your wedding.

Pastoral services  Our standard fee for our pastor to help plan and preside at a wedding for people not associated with Memorial UCC is $350. Please get in contact the pastor if you would like to discuss the possibility of  working together on your wedding. If you would like a guest pastor to preside at a ceremony in our building, please discuss that with our pastor. That is possible but we would then have someone working with the wedding and there would be a charge for that person’s time.

You can reach Pastor Kris by email or by phone at 608-273-1008.