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Church Administrator Job Description

Memorial United Church of Christ in Fitchburg is seeking a Church Administrator with personnel experience to manage the daily operations of the church and provide administrative support to the Pastor.  This half-time salaried position reports to the Church Council and is responsible for supervising staff. 

Salary range is $25,000-$28,000/year depending on experience and includes vacation, sick leave and retirement benefits.

The primary role of the Church Administrator is to handle day-to-day administration to allow the Pastor to focus on worship, pastoral care and the spiritual life of Memorial UCC.


  • Reception duties 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Tuesday through Fridays—either coordinate volunteers to cover this time or be available to do it.
  • Supervise the hiring process for non-ordained staff.
  • Provide administrative supervision of staff, including conducting regular staff meetings, vacation and sick leave tracking, and annual reviews with input from the pastor, Council and appropriate Leadership Teams.
  • Coordinate submission of articles and announcements as well as compiling newsletters, church service bulletins, and website updates. Assist and coordinate with staff and members and friends to post pictures as appropriate in newsletter, bulletin and website.
  • Manage the church website and social media in collaboration with the Communications Team.
  • Manage and maintain licensing and copyright requirements.
  • Administer the Safe Sanctuary policies and procedures in coordination with the Director of Faith Development, and conduct background checks for all volunteers and staff having contact with children and youth.
  • Attend Council meetings (1x evening per month, 11 months per year), Trustee meetings (1 per month, 11 months per year) and 1 worship service per month (12 per year).
  • Maintain the members module in Church Windows (this will be new software to learn) and prepare membership lists and directories.
  • Manage the operating budget of the church as approved by the congregation under the guidance and direction of the Trustees.
  • Facilitate leadership teams by providing administrative and clerical support.
  • Facilitate Tech Team by providing administrative support to plan and coordinate all church technology (repairs, purchasing of equipment, creation and maintenance of website) within budgetary constraints. 
  • Facilitate the work of the Membership Team by helping to create and maintain schedules for ushers, communion preparers, liturgists, media room coverage and fellowship hosts, as well as handling email reminders and instructions for these duties.
  • Manage contracts for needed services and use of the building, including Music Makers, cleaning services, mowing and snow removal crews, etc. Includes repairs to the building and scheduled and unscheduled maintenance issues. This requires coordinating with Trustees and Building and Grounds team.
  • Maintain a list of building use requests and present to Council monthly. Work with requestors to have all information needed available for Council and if approved, coordinate with requestors and members and friends to provide keys and entry instructions and any other coordination as necessary.
  • Maintain the church calendar for coordinated use of the building and to keep staff and members and friends informed of meetings, programs and special events.
  • Maintain an inventory of office and kitchen supplies and replenish as needed.


  • 2-year degree minimum, 4 year preferred or commensurate management experience.
  • Experience supervising staff and volunteers and managing an office is desirable.
  • Microsoft 365 [Excel, Word, Power Point] required. Experience with Publisher, web design, social media is desired.
  • Ability to attend periodic evening and Sunday a.m. meetings.


Please send a cover letter and resume along with three letters of reference to Pastor Kris Gorton by Friday, February 7, 2020. Email applications are welcome. This job is not open to members or active participants in the Memorial UCC congregation.

Contact Information

Pastor Kris Gorton, Memorial United Church of Christ, 5705 Lacy Rd., Fitchburg, WI 53711.

Email – pastorkris@memorialucc.org. Phone—608-273-1008

Updated January 17, 2020