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Our choir members come from diverse musical backgrounds with a wide range of experience. Each person brings a unique voice to our collective sound. Whether you’re a professional musician or you simply enjoy singing in the shower, all voices are welcome to join in our choir. Interested in joining the choir? Contact MUCC Music Director Jonathan Schroerlucke.

Get to know our members!

Amy Boutelle – Alto

Years in MUCC Choir: 1

Favorite piece of music: Whatever I’m playing, singing or hearing at the moment

Why are you part of the choir? As a child I spent many Wednesday evenings at church while my parents were at choir practice. I always enjoyed singing with the adults and joined the choir in High School. Over the years I sang occasionally during summers with the choir. Now that my kids are in High School I can break away from homework to spend 90 minutes with the BEST CHOIR AROUND!



Lynn Hilgers – Alto

Years in MUCC Choir: 17

Favorite piece of music: Mahlers Symphony #5, Mvt. IV

Why are you part of the choir? Music is where I feel closest to God. This is also a grown-up music outlet for me (important for a music therapist and preschool music teacher). There is also companionship and friendship.




Kelly Jetzer – Soprano

Years in MUCC Choir: 12

Favorite piece of music: Forever Young – Bob Dylan

Why are you part of the choir? I love singing with such a talented, fun group of people, and I enjoy being part of the church service. I hope that the music we in the choir share with the congregation inspires our listeners. Choir is lots of fun and (as is customary at MUCC) all are welcome. Please join us!



Kenneth Ligary – Baritone

Years in MUCC Choir: 2

Favorite piece of music: Fantasie Impromptu in C# Minor – Chopin

Why are you part of the choir? Because singing all by myself is a very sad thing.




Shirley Robbins – Alto

Years in MUCC Choir: ?

Favorite piece of music: Any classical, gentle, melodius piece. Chopin, maybe?

Why are you part of the choir? I was in every church choir in every church since High School – for 75+ years- 6 churches plus Memorial UCC (my last church?) Wouldn’t miss this one – it’s the best!




Sandra Schroerlucke – Alto

Years in MUCC Choir: 2

Favorite piece of music: Les Mis

Why are you part of the choir? I enjoy singing and have participated in choirs in school and church since youth. Plus an added incentive-my son Jonathan is the director!




Sonjia Short – Soprano

Years in MUCC Choir: 26

Favorite piece of music: Jesus Christ Superstar

Why are you part of the choir? I love to sing! 🙂 I didn’t have to audition. The music provides a depth of spirituality to the service that I wouldn’t get without it. The choir folks are a wonderful collection of very talented people who help each other become better singers. We’re always looking for more sopranos! 🙂



Mark Sieger – Bass

Years in MUCC Choir: 25

Favorite piece of music: Too many good ones! Orchestra: Pictures at an Exhibition, The Planets, Beethoven VIIII, Jazz: Round Midnight, Wind Band: Suite in Eb – Holst, Variations on a Korean Folk Song – Chance, Lincolnshire Rosy – Grainger

Why are you part of the choir? To me, music is the most beautiful human language. I feel good in being part of a group that makes the worship experience more meaningful and enjoyable for others. The choir members are excellent humans!



Marty Smith – Tenor

Years in MUCC Choir: 10

Favorite piece of music: Rachmaninoff Symphony #2

Why are you part of the choir? I have sung in a choir church & otherwise a lot of my life. I enjoy singing, especially in a good choir that’s not afraid to tackle difficult pieces. There are times when this group can bring tears to my eyes!




Jim Veloff – Tenor

Years in MUCC Choir: 23

Favorite piece of music: “A Song of Peace” (Finlandia)(Page 30)

Why are you part of the choir? Our first day at Memorial, I heard the choir sing and thought I’d like to give that try. I didn’t want to go to my grave with my music still inside me! I love being able to blend my voice with the other sections. It makes me feel very good. Although I don’t read music, I just follow along to learn the music. Once it gets in my head, I’m o.k.!