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Silent Auction 2016 items

fullsizeoutput_5c1dDonated items available for your bidding starting November 6th!

Retail value of each item is listed; bidding starts at approximately 40% of value.

From the Studio

Ballerina Original Painting ($600 value starting at $100)

Blown Glass Pendant Necklace from Door County ($45)

Framed Photos, 3, ($20)

Glass Bead Badger-themed (black and red) Earrings ($25)

Glass Bead Badger-themed (red and white) Earrings ($25)

Glass Bead Packer-themed (light green and gold) Earrings ($25)

Glass Bead Packer-themed (dark green and gold) Earrings ($25)

Glass Garden Flowers, 8”- 10” diameter garden art, 5 available, ($20-$25)

Handmade Badger Fleece Fish Hat ($25)

Handmade Packer Fleece Fish Hat ($25)

Hand-crafted 18” Necklace, citrine and pearls, ($50)

Hand-crafted 18” Necklace, pearls, blue agate, opaline beads ($40)

Hand-crafted 19” Necklace, pearls, Swarkovski crystals, reflective beads ($27)

Handmade Wooden Grasshopper Pull Toy ($40)

Handmade Wooden Skunk Pull Toy ($40)

Wisconsin Baby Hand Knit Hat ($10)

Wisconsin Baby fabric Hat ($5)

Products and Services

African Art Surprise, an item from Jackie Neidhart’s trip (TBD)

Apple Wellness Gift Card ($20)

Bicycle Accessories—Helmet, Daypack, gloves, underseat storage bag ($135)

Book set—The Dessert Bible and The Cook’s Bible by Christopher Kimball ($40)

Gas Grill, Large Weber Genesis Silver B 3 burner grill ($375)

Gas Grill, Medium Weber Genesis Silver A 2 burner grill ($275)

Gutter cleaning ($35)

Hotel Red Gift Card ($140)

Leaf cleaning ($35)

Live Music from Karen Weelock ($100)

Massage, one hour with Alan Weld ($75)

Massage, one hour with Aleia Mason ($75)

Plant a tree ($75)

Plant some shrubs ($60)

Plant some bulbs ($40)

Sci-Fi Gift Pack, A Wrinkle In Time hardcover, E.T. ($35)

Walking Stick, two handcrafted sticks available ($25 each)

Homemade Kitchen Creations

Applewood smoked heritage pork bacon ($15)

Babe’s Caramel Apple Pie ($20)

Babe’s Cranberry Apple Crunch Pie ($20)

Brunch Quiche, 2, ($25)

Canadian Bacon, one pound home cured ($14)

Dessert Bars, 2 dozen, in Christmas tins, 3 available ($30)

Ginger Honey Crisp Applesauce, one quart ($10)

Red Hot Honey Crisp Applesauce, one quart ($10)

Honey Crisp Apple Torte ($10)

Indian Spice Collection curated in India, 2 ($40)

Mincemeat Classic Pie Filling ($10)

Pickled Beets, 5 pints available  ($8)

Pitas Family Recipe Apple Pie ($12)

Seasonal Pies, 3 ($20)

Sticky Buns, ($15)

Fun Event

Girls’ Night Out, dinner and Saturday Night Fever at Overture, 3 ($100 each)

Dinner at Paisan’s with Phil and Ellen, 4 ($25 each)

Pampered Ladies’ Night, dinner and massage at Sonjia’s, 5 ($50 each)

Phantom of the Opera tickets, 1 pair ($192)

Supper and Game Night, “Back Up” with Sonjia, 4 ($25 each)

UW Women’s Basketball tickets, vs Marquette, with parking, 12/11/16 ($48/pair)

UW Women’s Basketball tickets, vs, Rutgers, with parking, 2/18/2017 ($48/pair)

UW Women’s Basketball tickets, vs Illinois, with parking, 2/22/2017 ($48/pair)

UW Men’s Hockey, vs Michigan, 2/18/2017 ($98/pair)

Yahara Bay Distillery Tasting and Tour for Five, 2 available ($100 each)

“Yard Bird” Madison Opera and dinner with the Horniks, 2 tickets ($50 each)