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Thanks to all who made Centennial a success

We had a wonderful centennial celebration on the morning of June 4, 2017 and one of the terrific things about it was how many people were involved in making happen. Here is list – with regrets if anyone is left off.

Rev. Franz Rigert, conference minister for the United Church of Christ in Wisconsin, for preaching our centennial sermon, “100 Years Bold.”

Former pastors Jon Schultz and Bonnie Van Overbeke for doing the scripture readings during our worship service.

Adam Dachman for composing and performing “One Hundred Years” and Michael Bryant for composing and performing “Cornerstone.”

Matt Sundell for his trumpet playing and Jeff Darwin, our superb pianist.

Jonathan Schroerlucke, our music director, and the choir.

Ellen Reuter and the worship arts team and friends – Sonjia Short, Lisa Strub, John and Cindy Rosch and their granddaughters, Lynn Kepper, Mark Sieger, Merry Spangler, Amy Boutelle, Jeanne Prueher, and Julia Haslanger and Justin Myers

Nancy Baumgardner for arranging the quilts and historic photos  Fellowship Hall.

Dean Baumgardner for leading the painting crew that included John Van Overebeke, Bob Webb, Dick Runge, Jay Johnson and Sonjia Short.

Our gardening crew, picking up the work of Georgine Hinz – Rita Elver, Sue Smith, Ruth Schoenwetter, Jan Hornik, Dean Baumgarnder

Barbara St. John for all her work on preparing our centennial booklet and Michael Bryant for his technical skill in making our video.

The Membership Committee for organizing the pot luck, especially Cindy Rosch. Jeff Falkner, Rita Elver, Bonnie Van Overbeke, Cindy Sweet and Jim Veloff

Centennial Outreach Fund Committee – Gary Johnson, Ryan Estrealla, Jan Klawitter and Pastor Phil

John Hilliard, for sorting through the materials in our 1942 and 1989  cornerstones, putting them on display and getting a new secure storage box to put back in the cornerstone.

Everyone who cut out hands, made doves, did knitting for the trees, wrote family stories, donated to the Centennial Fund, brought food…

This truly was a community celebration.