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Seeking hope in the summer of our discontent

By Pastor Phil It is not hard to get discouraged by the world around us this summer. Whether it is attacks by ISIS overseas, mass murders in the U.S., police shootings done in questionable circumstances or the targeted assassinations of police officers, the world seems to be in danger of spinning off its axis. Add to that the slow burn of climate change or the frustration with our political system (that’s a bi-partisan and non-partisan frustration that seems to pervade our politics this year), and it is pretty easy to just want to crawl into a cave. Then if you have some personal c...
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Supporting Keith’s walk against MD

My name is Keith Von Der Heide and I have a neuromuscular disease diagnosed 15 years ago.. Did you know that neuromuscular diseases cause kids and adults to lose abilities that are often taken for granted, like hugging, smiling, walking, dancing — even breathing? MDA fights to free hundreds of thousands of individuals and their families from the devastating effects of these diseases. That’s why I’ve chosen to be a part of the MDA Muscle Walk this year — I’m determined to be a part of the progress that’s saving and improving lives. Please visit my Personal Page  to make a secure, onlin...
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Endowment Fund Policy

Memorial United Church of Christ is a community of faith called by God to gather for worship and reach out in ever-widening circles as a witness to God's all-inclusive love in Jesus Christ and to act out God's grace and mercy in deeds of teaching, healing, reconciling, nurturing, and feeding those who are hungry in body or in spirit. To insure that future generations also may benefit from the ministries provided by Memorial UCC, the congregation established the Memorial UCC Endowment Fund Policy on February 1, 2004. The purpose of this policy is to establish a regular procedure for the rece...
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Building Use Form

REQUEST FOR USE OF SPACE Memorial United Church of Christ, 5705 Lacy Rd., Fitchburg WI 53711Name of Group____________________________________________Date(s) of proposed use____________________________________________________ Beginning time _________a.m.  _________ p.m. Ending time      _________a.m.  _________ p.m. Name of contact person____________________________________________________ Address of contact person __________________________________________________ Phone number(s) for contact person __________________________________________ E-mail of contact person ___...
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