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BREAK the SILENCE – 10:00 Worship Service

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You’ve probably heard of the #metoo movement, the women and men speaking out about their experiences with sexual harassment, abuse, and violence. Every day, courageous people are speaking out, but it is not enough for them to do so.

We too, as people of faith, must be courageous.

The survivors of sexual violence are our friends, neighbors, colleagues, family, and members of our congregation. They need us to help them, to listen as they speak out, to create a place where their stories can be heard without fear, or judgment. They need us to witness with them to the pain of their stories, and to stand with them, reminding them of the healing love of God.

Join us for Break The Silence Sunday on Sunday, May 5, as Megan Mercier leads our reflection in worship, sharing how we as a faith community can support survivors. We will commit ourselves to being a listening people, and a people dedicated to changing the reality of violence in the world.

This service may be difficult and challenging. Some parents may not want their young children to be present if they typically stay for the full worship service. Know that youth are welcome to participate in Sunday School on May 5 if they wish. Please take time to prepare yourself . Ask God for the strength to open your heart and mind, that we shall support all the survivors who are part of our church, our community, and the world.

If you have questions or concerns about the service, or if you would like to help with worship leadership, please contact Pastor Kris. We will also need volunteers who can be present following worship in the library to listen and/or pray with anyone who needs sacred space.