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Solar for Good: Special Congregation Meeting

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Solar for Good Project
On Sunday, May 20th, following the 10 am worship service, the Congregation will be asked to approved the installation of solar panels on the church to meet our electrical energy needs and reduce the burning of fossil fuels.  We’re calling it the Solar for Good project.  Over the winter, the Buildings and Grounds Committee worked with an energy consultant to study the feasibility and is recommending to we install about 20kw of solar to our building.  The project is  expected to provide 85-90% of our electrical needs. Our building is ideally suited for solar with a large south facing roof.  To help with the $50,000 project, Memorial has been awarded a $10,000 grant from RENEW Wisconsin, plus we have applied for an additional $4,000 through Focus on Energy.  The B&G Committee, Trustees and Council are unanimously behind the project and hope that the rest of the Congregation will share the enthusiasm for this important project.  Adding solar to our building will save an estimated $3,500/year in utility costs, plus avoid escalating energy costs in future years. Of course, perhaps even more important than the financial savings are the environmental benefits.  Our Solar for Good project will off-set the burning of 27 tons of coal each year and will reduce the amount of CO2 going into the atmosphere by more than 540 tons over the next 20 years  That’s the equivalent of planting more than 400,000 trees! But we need your help.  Please attend the Congregational meeting on May 20 and consider giving generously to help make this project reality.