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Health Tip for March – Meditation

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“Be still and know…” Psalm 46:10

Meditation for Health and Happiness

By Mary Ircink

Stress is a part of everyone’s world. It can be positive, such as right before a test or interview. Or it can be negative, when losing a job, a relationship or health. Long term stress can lead to further health problems.

Many studies have started to show the benefits of learning meditation. Research has demonstrated that there is a decrease in anxiety and an increase in positive emotions which can lead to a stronger immune system. Blood pressure, heart rate, depression have been positively affected by the practice of meditation.

Other research suggests that increase in happiness and self-control can be documented. Literature also mentions that meditation can lead people to a deeper spiritual life. Peace can be experienced by practicing relaxation and calming our bodies, minds and spirits.

Taking time to relax and become aware of thoughts, or feelings, and following your breath as you quiet your spirit can help you decrease the stress that can challenge your health.