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Health tip for March – Walking meditation

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Lent 2017 – A time for inner work and outer care

By Mary Ircink, parish nurse

When I start up a new exercise or walking opportunity, it is much easier to complain about how I hate to “have” to exercise or move. I may have a sore leg muscle, or my feet may hurt in my new walking shoes. I realize that the more I complain the easier it is to make excuses not to do it at all, even after the soreness resolves.   A solution was for me to look at my daily walk as a form of meditation with Jesus.

I have placed a hand-out titled: “Health and Wellness: 40 Bible Verses to Walk With” on a table in the narthex under the Health and Wellness bulletin board. Each verse has the word “walk” in it. I invite you before starting out on your walk or exercise, to read the verse for the day, and reflect on it while moving.   Think of your time moving as a form of blessing.

I hope that you will have a new love for moving and caring for yourself this Lent, while spending time with Jesus.