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September – Hand washing

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By Mary Ircink, parish nurse

Annual Good Handwashing Reminder!

In a recent scripture from the book of Mark (Mark 7: 1-2) the Pharisees and “some legal experts from Jerusalem” saw Jesus’ disciples eating food without washing their hands!

Now, I know that there wasn’t any hospital professional in the community at that time but I have fun thinking if I was there (as an RN) I would have been very concerned about the importance of “hand washing” before eating.

The weather is changing and there will be more activities bringing people together inside vs. outside. The incidence of colds and flu increases.

Soon, the flu vaccine will be available again at all Madison-area clinics. Check with your clinic and private physician if you have any questions.

Tips to remember: I keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in my car and use it at all times. And I always wash my hands when entering my home after being away.

“Good Handwashing” is one of the most important ways of keeping healthy!