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When Humans Unravel God’s Plans for Justice

OK, there is no getting around it. I need to start this reflection by confessing that this was not an easy one to write. It is a story that will leave us today without a resolution, as you will hear in a moment in the form of a question from one of the youth in our congregation. Today there is no ending. No happily ever after. Yet… As I wrote these open words this week, I found myself weaving together the sermon—and the confirmation lesson that the teens will be engaging in today. I would like to share a part of that experience with you visually, so… Welcome to Bible Boot Camp! T...
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Take Time for Wonder

The whirlwind. Merriam-Webster defines a whirlwind as “a confused rush…a violent or destructive force…”[1] Ben, Brandon, Calvin, Izzy, and Jack—This is the moment we’ve been waiting for: confirmation. Now, you may not feel the “woo hoo” of the covenant you will be affirming in a few minutes. You might be wondering just exactly what you will be doing. You might not be sure why you are doing this. You might be thinking “whew… all those classes are over.” You might be looking forward to Jesus Core, the high school retreat in January, or Youth at Synod—your participation in the national United Chu...
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