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Be Known

You can view Pastor Kris’ reflection, Be Known, HERE. Listening to Amanda read Dr. Seuss’s “My Many-Colored Days,” and having read… and reread… and read once again… the Bible passage from Matthew this week… I found myself not really knowing what to do with Jesus’s words. WHAT did Jesus just say? For there is A LOT going on in this passage. Which resonates with what is going on around us today, because there IS A LOT going on in the world. There are all the feelings. All the disjointedness. All of the uncertainty of what lies ahead. So today I want to hold sacred space to hold “all the ...
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In the Mirror

I stand before you on this Labor Day weekend with an offering from our coalition partners at Worker Justice Wisconsin. Worker Justice’s mission is to: “Join workers in resolving workplace problems … Develop worker leadership… (and) Engage and mobilize… individuals, labor unions, faith communities (and others)… committed to economic, racial, immigrant, and worker justice”[1]. I am on the Board of Worker Justice Wisconsin. I am also a founding member of the United Church of Christ’s national Economic Justice Movement, which was formed “with the goal of continuing and strengthening ...
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