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Thanks in Action

The reflection today will include a bit of wandering, so get comfortable as I guide you on this journey. For today we receive a charge: Thanks in action. Love… in action. To be a Church… in action. And in the 21st century, Reformation in action. On this Reformation Sunday we are living, active, participants in the Second Reformation, 500 years after the first. Re-Form. Re-new. Re-store… heaven on earth. This reflection comes about, in part, because this week Job and I have had our differences. Over the past 4 weeks our bible readings have immersed us in Job’s slow, painful, downward spiral ...
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Faith, Civility, and Healing (or, is there such a thing as #GoodTrouble?)

Reaching out in desperate times. Once again, there is orange cloth on the communion table. Orange. A color symbolizing a need to respond to issues of gun violence in schools, out on the streets, at places of work, in newsrooms. Once again, we hear of about the overwhelming crowds gathered about. Yesterday in cities across the country. Millennia ago in Jerusalem, as a father reaches out to Jesus and pleads for the life of his daughter. A woman pushing through the dusty crowds… to… just… touch… Reaching out. This is gut wrenching hope beyond all hope. Faith stretching out, towards the extrava...
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Hearts Wide Open

The title for today’s reflections, Hearts Wide Open, initially emerged from one of the assigned bible readings for today that we didn’t hear read from 2 Corinthians. 2 Corinthians was going to be one of our two readings on which to reflect, but through the events of this past week the Spirit has shifted our attention to the Psalm instead. However, the title of the sermon—Hearts Wide Open—is what I would like to offer before you in this sacred space this morning. For, Beloved, in a time of desert places and wild seas, I am going to ask you to turn away from the turmoil. Get comfortable. If y...
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