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Beloved, Love: Thresholds Shaken

You can watch the video of Pastor Kris’ reflection, Beloved, Love: Thresholds Shaken, HERE. Well… you probably already knew this… but we are… in a time… of transition. Great. Political. Shifts. No, I do not mean 2020. I am talking about 738 B.C.E. King Uzziah has died. Who in the world will reign next? Will the transition go smoothly? Will there be factions in the government? Collectively, we hold our breath. There is anxiety in the land. It is in this time of tension and uncertainty we meet up with Isaiah today. This is a story of visions and dreams. Have you heard that during the pandemic p...
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Resurrection: Vision

I would like you to imagine yourself here – in the midst of biblical bookends: One, the first bible story read today from Acts, which happens after Jesus’ death and resurrection (and after Jesus’ ascension… and after the “woo hoo” of the Holy Spirit showing up… and after Paul launches his ministry).And the other story, from the book of John, as we hear Jesus’ words prior to his death. Today we have a before story, and an after story. What are we to do with these narrative bookends guiding our reflection? The story in Acts begins in the night. A vision. A stirring of the Spiri...
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