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Congregational Meeting Jan. 25, 2015

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Draft minutes

Josh Gormley, Council president ,welcomed everyone. There were 57 members present, which exceeded what was needed for a quorum. Pastor Phil gave an opening prayer.

The minutes of the January 26, 2014 were approved following a motion by Sue Webb and seconded by Gary Johnson. Motion passed.

Josh gave accolades to the vibrancy of our church community and how we come together to serve each other. He indicated a goal for 2014 was achieved with the hiring of Rebecca Malke as Director of Faith Development. A second goal is to recognize the racial divide in Wisconsin, United States and the world and to bring awareness with our community to get past denial. He indicated he is looking forward to serving a third term on the Council and what is ahead for our congregation.

Phil gave a report regarding membership numbers dropping from 225 in 2013 to 198 in 2014. He indicated it is the difference between active and inactive members. Letters were sent to inactive members with little response, therefore, 34 inactive members were changed to associates. Any associate can be moved to active member status if they so indicate. He also explained that associates cannot vote. He mentioned several new members have been welcomed in January and several more to follow in the next several months. Worship attendance in the past has been between 125-130 average with 118 being the average for 2014. Wendy Proctor has been the Membership Chairman, but with her move out of the area, a new leader is needed. He was pleased to announce that various church community projects have touched 3,300 lives.

Sarah Fritz, Chair of Faith Development, was pleased to introduce Rebecca Malke. She indicated that Rebecca embodies many of the qualities of the hiring committee was seeking with her warm, great personality and has the X-factor with the congregation and the kids.

Rebecca Malke, Director of Faith Development indicated she joined the MUCC staff on July 15, 2014 and accomplished getting the children’s program up and running right away and the adult programs running by October. She loves MUCC, as do her husband and their two boys. Her new position has helped her reconnect with her Christian side. She is welcome to any new ideas from the congregation.

Josh asked the nominees for Council members to come forward. They were: Jan Klawitter and Damon Smith seeking their first terms, Janine Bessemer seeking her second term and Josh Gormley seeking his third term. He asked the congregation for other nominees and none were indicated. John Hilliard made the motion the nominees be accepted with a second by Gary Johnson. Motion passed.

Gary Johnson gave a financial report on 2014 and indicated how remarkable and astounding the giving is from our church community. He gave a brief explanation of the various financial funds that are a vital part of MUCC. He indicated there is a surplus in the Operating Budget due to the result of budgeting for an Associate Pastor, but with a Faith Development Director not being hired until July. He was pleased to announce the pledges exceeded the budget for 2014, which created an applause from the congregation.

Sonjia Short raised the question of $500 to Terry Kiss Frank from the Memorial/Gift Fund with Phil indicating it was bequest given specifically for the spring musical and her animal rescue project. Jan Klawitter spoke for the Outreach Program and the money comes from Giving Locally and the Endowment Fund. Nona Suhr requested more financial support for Lakeland College and John Van Overbeke suggested applying to the church’s Endowment Fund.

Sonjia Short made the motion to approve the 2015 budget with a second by Jan Klawitter. Motion passed.


Amy Boutelle represented the six members of the Music Search Committee. A survey was sent to all members in December that indicated the desire to maintain strength and richness in the music program. The committee has drafted a position description with the assistance of Tisha Brown. Jeff Darwin and Amy talked with the current choir members to receive their opinions on a new Director. The committee will present the job description to the Council on February 10 with the hope of having an applicantion deadline before Holy Week.

Josh reported a new chairman is needed for the Adult Program Committee and requested a call for someone to come forward, if interested.

Jacy Boldebuck gave a report on Fellowship with the desire to infuse new energy and focus. The Fellowship sign-up sheet will be offered three months at a time. It is now filled through April. Members can request the ushers make coffee and put out their donated food, if desired. In May, the process will be up for discussion and refinement.

Josh asked for an open discussion on any topics. Nancy Potter gave accolades to Phil and his leadership at MUCC to heal what could have been a possible dysfunction of the church from the November 2013 special congregational meeting.

Sonjia Short made the motion to adjourn the meeting.

Minutes by Jan Dunaway