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Council minutes for June 12, 2018

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Memorial United Church of Christ Council Meeting

June 12, 2018

Present:  Janine Bessemer, Rita Elver, Sarah Fritz, Kris Gorton, Jan Klawitter, Rebecca Malke, John Van Overbeke, and Sue Webb

Absent:  Jacy Boldebuck, Ryan Estrella and Kelly Jetzer

Pastor Kris opened with a meditation and a prayer for Mike Hay and his family.

Jan made a motion to approve the May minutes. Sue seconded. Passed.

Trustees Report

John indicates that the Richard Tauburt estate from December 2015 has been settled adding $10,000 to endowment funds. The solar project has received $15,300 in pledges plus $14,000 in grants thus far. Trustees have placed an additional $10,000 into market funds. Jan moved and Janine seconded a motion to approve John’s report. Motion passed.

Pastor’s Report

Love of creation is blossoming-the new orchard, solar project, pumpkin patch, current curriculum and weaving in education of single use plastics and produce bags.

Karin Wells has submitted preordination papers for her ecclesiastical conference.

Upcoming events: Kelly is planning a solar concert to benefit the solar project on June 22nd. Calvie Roltgen will be baptized Sunday. Delores Van Kirk’s remembrance is upcoming. Celebration of Life for Mike Hays is being planned. Two youth will travel to Shannondale, Missouri for a week of service in July. Kris will meet individually with confirmands before the October ceremony. She will also meet with the next group (6th thru 8th graders) to determine their wishes and plan for the next confirmation group. MUCC has committed to provide lunch on June 14th for Allied Partners and will be looking for 14 volunteers. The Fitchburg Library will be holding Aldo Leopold nights on Tuesdays during the summer.

Reverends Jerry Hancock will be preaching July 22nd, Keith Schoerlucke on July 28th and Dick Runge in August to cover Kris’s vacations and confirmands Shannondale week of service trip.

Faith Development Director’s Report

Sunday school ended June 3rd.

Upcoming events: Donations from Sunday school will go to the solar panel fund. MUCC along with Mt. Horeb and Verona UCC youths will be traveling to the Great Lakes Regional Youth Conference in July. Four youth will partner with Middleton UCC for the summer servant project. All ages are invited to visit a Buddhist Temple June 23rd and a Hindu Temple/Festival July 14th. Planning is ongoing for a Dr. Who breakout session at the Great Lakes Regional Youth Conference in July. 

Committee Reports

Faith Development:  Sarah reports they will be posting a job opening for the Nursery to replace Ed Turner who is no longer able to attend the 8:15 service.

Nursery staff will have full background checks done annually. The Pastoral Care Committee will be asked who (Kris or Rebecca) should handle the background checks.

Upcoming Events:  A movie will be shown the 3rd Friday of each summer month: Black Panther, Jesus Christ Superstar and Come Sunday. There will be a camp-out on the lawn during the summer. Vacation Bible School will have a “Rolling River Rampage” theme. May have a carnival-themed school kick-off event tor youth and families in late August.

Next fall’s Sunday School will continue to use the well-received Holy Moly curriculum. Sue moved and Janine seconded a motion to purchase a new television for educational purposes. Motion approved.

Special Events:  No report.

Membership: Rita reports the committee is asking “What does the Parish Nurse cost?” and “Who will pick up the duties?”

Fellowship needs more people to sign up to host. Graduation and Care cards are being sent. Visitors should be/should continue to be welcomed.

The Senior Dinner will be held October 28th.

Outreach: Jan reports $100 was donated to Back Bay Mission.

Buildings & Grounds: No report.

Worship:  No report.

Old Business

May 20, 2018 special meeting of the congregation unanimously voted to approve a Capital Campaign to fund solar panels for MUCC.

New Business

Personnel Committee–Cathy asked how to proceed with any recommendations from the Personnel Committee. Council would like recommendations to be brought before them for decisions.

Emergency Response Team—Kris reported on the recent training and asks where we should go from here? Should users lock doors when service starts? Council recommends sending the question to Buildings and Grounds. Also requests Buildings and Grounds explore a doorbell.

Music Makers—current contract ran September 2017 through June 2018. Trustees approved an increase in 2019 contract from $5,300 to $7,500 per year. Music Makers are using more space now than in the original contract. Discussed whether we should rekey some areas so Music Makers no longer have access.

Care Team—will meet June 24th.  Members are Donna Mullaly, Brian James Richardson and Tiffany Roltgen.

Motion to adjourn passed.

Respectfully submitted by Cathy Halpin