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It. Is. So. Real.

It. Is. So. Real. Pick up any book. Any pen. Any toy. Step on any Lego, and it-is-all-so-real. Ouch. The world around us. The people. The needs. The wants. The anxieties. The hunger. The excitement. The goals. The gifts. The losses. Life. Love. Grief. Pain. Relationships. It is all… so… real… Last week was Memorial UCC’s “Celebration Sunday,” and we celebrated. We celebrated the active presence of God’s abundance in our midst. We talked about gratitude. We talked about stewardship. We enjoyed a meal of lasagna together. We reflected on the world around us. The need for that world to s...
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This week I have been wondering a lot about languages. Words. About the languages that we as faith communities might need to be learning, to be using, in order to be able to share the Good News in the 21st century. How do we use language to build up the kin-dom of God, instead of tear down? From the opening scriptures of the bible, God speaks, and good is created. God speaks, and light, sky, land, the cosmos, “plants of every kind,” and “swarms of every creature” (Genesis 1:3-20, NRSV) burst forth—and God sees that it was good. This is the language of God. Creating. Relating. But just what ...
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I open this reflection with a cautionary note. I want to prepare you. I want to prepare you for a tearing open of the heavens. For the urgency of the Spirit driving us out into the wilderness places of our days. For the need to identify and name the devils with which we are tempted. Here. Now. I want to give you a heads up that my use of hashtags* as I share this Word with you today might be unsettling. Unnerving. In fact, I hope that it is unsettling. It should be unsettling. For a shift is urgently needed. A transformation. A tearing open. A revealing of God’s kin-dom here… God’s Word her...
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