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Those Who Dream… ponder in their hearts

Those Who Dream… ponder in their hearts You can watch the video of Pastor Kris’ reflection, Those Who Dream… ponder in their hearts, HERE. In today’s Bible reading, there is a tugging and pulling, a wondering and an answering, which reveals God to us in a radically new way. Here Jesus (a preteen)… and Mary (a young adult)… and a wider faith community (the elders)… demonstrating for us the ways in which our faith journeys are disarmingly simple in all of life’s complexities.   This cross-generational narrative includes the necessity of repeating faith practices over and over, as “every year” J...
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This week I have been wondering a lot about languages. Words. About the languages that we as faith communities might need to be learning, to be using, in order to be able to share the Good News in the 21st century. How do we use language to build up the kin-dom of God, instead of tear down? From the opening scriptures of the bible, God speaks, and good is created. God speaks, and light, sky, land, the cosmos, “plants of every kind,” and “swarms of every creature” (Genesis 1:3-20, NRSV) burst forth—and God sees that it was good. This is the language of God. Creating. Relating. But just what ...
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Overhearing God

Shhh!!! Listen. We are given opportunities to overhear. Overhear God. God’s prayer. God’s prayer for creation. The world. The Church. Us. A word of hope. Love. Support. Transformation. A sending out. Continuing the story. But too often we miss out on the opportunities to be fully immersed in God’s prayer. We miss out on the opportunities right before our eyes. Jesus here. Jesus now. Praying. Through every breath, every movement, every conversation that we have: with young, old, family, friends, strangers. All too often we don’t see, don’t hear, don’t get—what is… right… here… And this is...
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