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Pondering Possibilities

You can watch the video of Pastor Kris’ reflection HERE. With summer approaching, many of us are finding our summer plans changed due to the coronavirus. From summer camps, to summer school, and family trips up north, life has been altered. Even pastimes such as taking in a baseball game, Concerts on the Square, and firework displays, have been canceled (or moved online). A phrase my family uses a lot keeps coming to mind: Regrouping. As in, “let’s go back and regroup.” We most often use this phrase when we are on family vacation in northern Minnesota. Following hours spent out on Lake...
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Too Jesus-y?

This morning I am coming back to Wisconsin following a week of listening to 20(ish) amazingly amazing preachers, with an unlikely question. Last week I spent 6 days in Washington, D.C., at the Festival of Homiletics. Homiletics. One of those funny church words that my husband always accuses me of making up. As in, when I say “homiletics,” and he says “you are just making up words now…” Homiletics. Preaching. From sessions entitled, “Preaching to Save the Soul of a Nation,” with Rev. Cynthia Hale, to “Jesus vs. Rome: The Biblical Politics of Gratitude” with Diana Butler Bass, to attending Hi...
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This week I have been wondering a lot about languages. Words. About the languages that we as faith communities might need to be learning, to be using, in order to be able to share the Good News in the 21st century. How do we use language to build up the kin-dom of God, instead of tear down? From the opening scriptures of the bible, God speaks, and good is created. God speaks, and light, sky, land, the cosmos, “plants of every kind,” and “swarms of every creature” (Genesis 1:3-20, NRSV) burst forth—and God sees that it was good. This is the language of God. Creating. Relating. But just what ...
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