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Council minutes for January 9, 2018

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Memorial United Church of Christ Council Meeting

January 9, 2018

January minutes have been reconstructed using sources other than notes taken during the meeting.

Present:  Janine Bessemer, Jacy Boldebuck, Ryan Estrella, Sara Fritz, Orion Jetzer, Jan Klawitter, Rebecca Malke, John Van Overbeke, and Sue Webb

Guest:  Gary Johnson

Absent:  Rita Elver

Pastor Kris opened with a prayer.

Approved the revised minutes of December 12, 2017.

Trustees Report

Council approved $1,000 of Endowment Funds for Bright Stars of Bethlehem. This will be added to the $2,600 raised by the Cookie Walk to Fund 1 scholarship at Dar al Kalima University.

2018 Budget

Motion to approve the revised 2018 budget as presented by Gary Johnson.   Approved.

Pastor’s Report

Discussed plans for the Annual Meeting on January 28th. Discussed plans for Transition Sunday, Lent and a Lenten study {The Challenge of Paul}. On February 14, MUCC will provide Ashes to Go [anointing with ashes in the parking lot during morning and evening commute times on Ash Wednesday] and Ash Wednesday evening services. Will also be planning a Valentine Date Night on Wednesday February 14.

UCC Mutton to offer a lecture series on Dear White Christian sponsored by Fountain of Life. MUCC’s book group is also reading this book.

Faith Development Director Report

Rebecca will arrange for a group showing of Paul: Apostle of Christ when the movie is available during Lent.

Committee Reports

 Faith Development:  No report.

Special Events: No report.

Membership: No report.

Worship: Worship Committee will continue to schedule communion and liturgists. Kris indicates the Committee is planning Lenten decorations.

Outreach: No report.

Buildings & Grounds: No report.

Old Business

  • AED training is scheduled in February after the 10:00 a.m. service for as many people as would like to learn.
  • Crisis Training follow-up. We will address this again in February.
  • Personnel Committee: Cathy Halpin, Jennifer Ambord, Pastor Kris. We will add additional members as possible.

New Business

 The annual meeting will be held after the 10:00 a.m. service on January 28th. We will discuss budget, crisis management, possible visioning for MUCC and the parish nurse/care team transition.

The discussion on the Council and Committee Chair retreat has been held over until February.

Moved to Adjourn. Passed

Respectfully submitted by Cathy Halpin